A Story

From Three Generations

"I grew up in the footsteps of my father, also a winegrower. Seduced by the work of the earth and taken by the ardor of youth, we founded the estate with Lucile in 1997. Since then, we have been working with Nature, the Terroir, and always the same passion to offer you wines of character. "
Fréderic Delay

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Three Generations

The history of our family is intimately linked to that of the vine. For three generations they have both been written in the rhythm of the seasons and the vintages, in the heart of our exceptional vineyard at the foot of the Mont Ventoux.

It was in the post-war years in the 1950s that Joseph Delay planted the first vine plants around the chapel of Notre Dame du Bon Remède. This know-how acquired from generation to generation, we perpetuate and share it to offer your taste buds our best cuvées.